Sometimes, people forget the most important thing before a trip. Passports and paperwork are already a given. But before one plans the perfect outfit or maps out the perfect itinerary, it’s important to pay attention to a necessity that’s often taken for granted: Travel insurance.

There are varying types of travel insurance cover. There are two general types:

  • Vacation Cover – This type of plan provides the most coverage in a single package, including flight cancellations, medical emergencies, evacuations, loss of luggage or delays and more.

Over 94% of travel insurance sales are Vacation Cover.

  • Medical Travel Cover – Travel Medical Insurance plans provide cover that is not included in your regular health insurance. If cancellation is not a priority issue, this plan is ideal for you.

Your itinerary will determine what travel insurance you’ll need. Choose a plan that covers the essentials. If you foresee sudden changes in your travel plans, you’ll be thankful you’ve subscribed to a plan that saves you money and the stress of having to spend more on airline tickets or transfer flights.

Travel insurance is especially important when you plan to visit countries with highly contagious diseases. Your embassy will often advise you to take necessary precaution with the right vaccination but you can never be too careful even if you’ve had your shots.

Some Visa applications even require a confirmed travel insurance plan with a specified amount of coverage. Otherwise, it’s grounds for getting your Visa denied. European countries and some Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea require travel insurance especially if your itinerary involves extreme activities such as skiing, trekking, or diving.

Runway issues that cause massive flight delays are also a nightmare to deal scenarios but the right plan can relieve some of the stress during these unfortunate cases. Imagine having to spend thousands of dollars and you haven’t even arrived at your destination. You can avoid that if you’ve pre-empted the situation.

There are plenty of reasonably priced covers. All you have to do is ask. We help expats living in Hong Kong find the best travel cover for any trip.

Make sure you’re covered with the proper travel insurance. Need help? Contact us today.