Setting up a Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong continues to be one of the best places for expats to set up business. Technology, commerce, and finance are the top industries that have successfully thrived for 2016. Usual practice for expats is to hire an agency to handle all the paperwork. This is easy and convenient for expats since they won’t need to be in the country while processing everything.

Below is updated information on how to open your business in the country.


If you’re hiring an agency, you’ll need to pay the agency’s fee and submit the name of your company. The agency will then check whether the name is available in Hong Kong or is already taken.

Next, send a copy of your passport, a copy of an official document as a proof of your residence (for instance, a driver’s license) and a questionnaire with standard questions such as your address, your passport number and the name of the director and shareholders (if you plan to open the company alone, you can be both director and unique shareholder) to Hong Kong.

For a simple company structure, which unless you have special requirements shall be enough, your agency will setup your company via E-registration, which takes less than two hours, to get the brand new company’s certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate upon certified the relevant parties’ passport online, for instance via Skype

Note that in the past, expats were allowed to open a Sole Trader Company in Hong Kong without owning a resident permit. This is no longer allowed unless you’re planning to stay in Hong Kong or have the option of opening can a Limited Company.


The incorporation documents and company kit (seal, stamp and so on): about 2,070 HKD (if planning to approach an agency

The Company Registration (Government fee): 1,730 HKD.

The Business Registration Certificate (Government fee): 250 HKD.

The Provision for the Company Secretary: 3,500 HKD

The Provision for the Registered Office Address: 2,000 HKD.

You will also need to open a Hong Kong bank account which is fairly easy to do on your own once you get in the country. HSBC and Hang Seng Bank are the popular choices among international businesses.


Hong Kong has a straightforward tax system: your company will pay 16.5% of taxes on any profit generated in Hong Kong and nothing otherwise (as long as you apply for off-shore status).

The required registered capital in Hong Kong is much smaller than in the majority of countries (only 10,000 HKD). This makes it ideal for start-ups who have smaller margins to work with.

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Prostate Cancer Information in Hong Kong

Prostate cancer is among the most common cancers affecting men. In Hong Kong, it’s the fifth most common cancer with over 1,600 new cases every year and is the 3rd most common type of cancer among men in Hong Kong.


The prostate is a gland that’s only found in men. It’s usually the size of a walnut, and is located below the bladder, surrounding the first part of the urethra, which allows urine to pass from the bladder to the penis. The prostate produces semen, a thick white fluid that mixes with the sperm produced by the testes. It also produces a protein called prostate specific antigen (PSA), which turns the semen into liquid. Prostate cancer is generally a slow-growing cancer, typically occurring in men over the age of 50. Research shows that over a third of men over 50 have some cancer cells in the prostate, while almost all men over 80 have some cells. The cause of prostate cancer is unknown, but generally the chance is increased if there is a positive family history; it is also more common in Western men.


The symptoms of prostate cancer include:

  • reduced flow of urine
  • increased frequency in urination
  • uncomforatble urination
  • persistent pain in lower back, hips and thighs
  • in some cases, bloody urine.


The diagnosis of prostate cancer may include a digital rectal examination (DRE) by a doctor. Digital here is different to the “digital” in electronic equipment. Apart from DRE, PSA can be tested in blood to detect the presence of prostate cancer. However, PSA alone is not very accurate in diagnosing cancer.

It is important to have one’s self examined once you hit 40. Village Insurance’s best practice for recommending covers for males is to find insurance that also covers diseases such as prostate cancer. Insurance can cover treatment and maintenance for cancer.

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Kids and Scoliosis: What you need to know



Scoliosis is a lateral (toward the side) curvature in the normally straight vertical line of the spine. When viewed from the side, the spine should show a mild roundness in the upper back and a degree of swayback (inward curvature) in the lower back. When a person with a normal spine is viewed from the front or back, the spine appears to be straight. When a person with scoliosis is viewed from the front or back, the spine appears to be curved.


The causes for 80 to 85% of all scoliosis cases are usually unknown. Boys and girls are equally affected by small curves, but girls are eight times more likely to develop progressive curves. According to recent research, about one in three children whose parents have scoliosis will develop scoliosis. Scoliosis is considered a partially genetic condition; however, exactly which genes cause scoliosis is inconclusive.


Parents should understand that the following factors are not associated with the condition:

  • Carrying school bags
  • Bad posture
  • Unequal leg length
  • Back injury
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Sports activities


For moderate curves in growing children, brace treatment is recommended. Braces will not completely eliminate scoliosis. However, a well-fitted and diligently worn corrective brace can significantly slow or prevent curve progression.

For the very small number of children with severe curves, internal fixation is applied to the spine to correct the curve within the limits of safety. Nowadays, surgery for scoliosis has been made very safe by major advances in surgical techniques.

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